Customer Reviews

Great Products

"I've been using these bracelets for several years now and they are very effective with relieving the soreness and pain in both of my wrists. I strongly recommend this magnetic therapy approach to anyone"
- Ned Sniffin

Great fit!

"3rd purchase from here, love the fit but tend to lose the clasp holders easily. Great product! Buy one now!!"
- David Lovig


"Many doubt the benefits of these products. I am NOT one of them. at 55, I have had my share of sports related injuries. It helps me keep up with my grandkids, and my buddies on the golf course!"
- Bill Simms

Good looking product

"Received in a well packaged envelope. Product looks to be good quality. Hopefully, it will help me with my hands."
- Anik La Roche

The best bracelet ever. Genuine one.

"Hello folks. I bought two bracelets ProEXL. I like them much. I am always wearing them. Indeed these bracelets are therapeutic ones. I recommend everyone should has at least one. Keep doing the superb job. Thanks."
- Aws Muraysh

About Us

ProExl offers Magnetic Products manufactured from a variety of materials including: Pure Copper, Stainless Steel and Titanium.

Our aim is to promote good health to individuals through magnetic therapy, used by millions of people around the world, including professional athletes. ProExl brings together great quality products with affordable prices.

Whether you need some extra energy to get you through the day or are plagued with aches and pains, magnetic therapy can help relieve these symptoms.

At ProExl we strive to bring good health to all our customers.

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